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Warner Archive – Individual Releases
Title Director Starring My Rating
Bachelor Mother Garson Kanin Ginger Rogers ★★★★½
Lucky Partners Lewis Milestone Ginger Rogers ★★★½
Having Wonderful Time Alfred Santell Ginger Rogers ★★★½
Finishing School Wanda Tuchock Ginger Rogers ★★★★
Perfect Strangers Bretaigne Windust Ginger Rogers ★★★½
Chance at Heaven William A. Seiter Ginger Rogers ★★★★
Primrose Path Gregory La Cava Ginger Rogers ★★★
Upperworld Roy Del Ruth Ginger Rogers ★★★½
Star of Midnight Stephen Roberts Ginger Rogers
Suicide Fleet Albert S. Rogell Ginger Rogers
Romance in Manhattan Stephen Roberts Ginger Rogers
Once Upon a Honeymoon Leo McCarey Ginger Rogers ★★★½
Room for One More Norman Taurog Cary Grant
In Name Only John Cromwell Cary Grant
Mr. Lucky H.C. Potter Cary Grant
Carbine Williams Richard Thorpe James Stewart ★★★★
It’s a Wonderful World W.S. Van Dyke James Stewart ★★★½
Come Live with Me Clarence Brown James Stewart ★★★½
Heavenly Body, The Alexander Hall William Powell
Crossroads Jack Conway William Powell ★★★½
Walk Softly, Stranger Robert Stevenson Joseph Cotten ★★★★
Steel Trap, The Andrew L. Stone Joseph Cotten
Conflict Curtis Bernhardt Humphrey Bogart
Two Mrs. Carrolls, The Peter Godfrey Humphrey Bogart
Mad Miss Manton, The Leigh Jason Barbara Stanwyck ★★★★
Nobody's Baby Gus Meins Patsy Kelly
Hard to Get Ray Enright Olivia de Havilland ★★★★
Story of Three Loves, The V. Minnelli / G. Reinhardt James Mason
Where East is East Tod Browning Lupe Velez
Cobweb, The Vincente Minnelli Gloria Grahame ★★★
Home Before Dark Mervyn LeRoy Jean Simmons ★★★★½
Woman on the Beach, The Jean Renoir Joan Bennett
Locket, The John Brahm Laraine Day
Experiment Perilous Jacques Tourneur Hedy Lamarr ★★★½
Once You Kiss a Stranger Robert Sparr Paul Burke
Nora Prentiss Vincent Sherman Ann Sheridan
Window, The Ted Tetzlaff Bobby Driscoll ★★★½
While the City Sleeps Fritz Lang Dana Andrews
Grand Central Murder S. Sylvan Simon Van Heflin
Twenty Plus Two Joseph M. Newman David Janssen ★★★½
Party Girl Nicholas Ray Cyd Charisse
Safe in Hell William A. Wellman Dorothy Mackaill
Tomorrow Is Another Day Felix Feist Steve Cochran
Outfit, The John Flynn Robert Duvall ★★★
Assignment To Kill Sheldon Reynolds Joan Hackett ★★★★½
Prize, The Mark Robson Paul Newman
Split Second Dick Powell Jan Sterling
Dark of the Sun Jack Cardiff Rod Taylor
Kongo William J. Cowen Lupe Velez
Thirteen Women George Archainbaud Myrna Loy
Eye of the Devil J. Lee Thompson Deborah Kerr ★★★★
Black Eye Jack Arnold Fred Williamson
Macabre William Castle William Prince ★★★
Hysteria Freddie Francis Robert Webber ★★★★
Dream Lover Alan J. Pakula Kristy McNichol
Crescendo Alan Gibson Stefanie Powers
Possessed, The Jerry Thorpe Joan Hackett
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark John Newland Kim Darby ★★★½
Green Slime, The Kinji Fukasaku Robert Horton
Warner Archive – Sets
Title Director Starring My Rating
Mexican Spitfire Collection, The Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Girl from Mexico, The Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire Out West Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire's Baby Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire at Sea Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire's Elephant Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event Leslie Goodwins Lupe Velez
WB Horror/Mystery Double Features Various Various
Find the Blackmailer D. Ross Lederman Jerome Cowan
Smiling Ghost, The Lewis Seiler Alexis Smith
Sh! The Octopus William McGann Hugh Herbert
Hidden Hand, The Benjamin Stoloff Craig Stevens ★★★★
Mystery House Noel Smith Ann Sheridan ★★★½
Patient in Room 18, The Bobby Connolly, Crane Wilbur Ann Sheridan ★★★½
Crime Does Not Pay (50 Shorts • 6-Discs) Various Various

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